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Business Card

Published December 30, 2015 by baileyquillincooper

Yes, I finished my business card tonight! I also just ordered 250 of them from Overnight Prints. I’m going to have to wait until January 21st for them to arrive, but here’s what they look like if you just wanna see ’em now. This is the front:

business card front final

And this is the back:

business card back final

I’m pretty happy with it, and I sure hope they come out ok! I’ve ordered cards through them before and they turned out great, so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Next I’ve got to design a logo and business card for our Howl Con booth in February. I’ll be selling my hyper-realistic, custom painted werewolf prosthetics and a few other cute homemade monster themed accessories under the name Lycanthrope Cosmetics. I’m also going to make a corresponding Etsy shop just for my leftover Howl Con inventory, so I guess that’s the main reason why I need to make another card. Oh well, one down and one to go!

New Work in Progress Blog!

Published December 29, 2015 by baileyquillincooper


Testing…testing…hey guys! Now that Christmas 2015 is kind of over, I’m back! For those of you who used to follow me online, I ran a work in progress blog for many of my Etsy projects before under the name of Quarley. Since my Etsy shop has been on a record-breaking hiatus and it’s been literally years since I’ve been active on there, I decided it was best to just start up something new for all of my more recent projects. The title of this new blog reflects the name of my children’s book which I have been writing and illustrating all by myself over the past year, hence the not really been doing a lot of stuff online lately. The book is called “Kris & Krampus Kringle” and I’m going to be self-publishing it sometime in the Fall of 2016. The image I used for this blog’s header is also the illustration from the first page of the story. I won’t reveal a ton of pictures from the book…well not yet at least, but you can see a lot more of them on my new fancy portfolio website!

Anyway, this blog is going to be a lot like my old one in the way that it was created just for posts about my works in progress. You know, just so you can kinda get the gist of my creative process or find out what I’ve been up to lately now that I’m crackin’ down on my career as an artist like some kind of pro. Speaking of which, I’ve also been working on a business card to go with my website. I’m going to finish that up tonight so I can post some more about it tomorrow, but until then, here’s a cool work in progress photo I found from January 5th of last year. They are the first character drawings that I ever did of Kris and Krampus Kringle from my book, and oddly enough, once they were both inked and colored in I found them to be entirely perfect in every way and never had to do a single revision. These really and actually ended up being the final illustrations that I’m using in my book. That has literally never happened before and probably breaks every single art rule in the universe! I’m just not going to complain about it. Goodnight!