This is me.

Hi I’m Bailey! I’m an illustrator, sculptor, costumer, and Halloween enthusiast who hails from the sticky swamps of Florida and Georgia. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in illustration and a secondary interest in animation, I spent some time in the lost city of Atlanta working as a full-time store sign artist for Trader Joe’s. Then last year I decided to try something completely different, so I relocated across the country to beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am still working part-time as a sign artist for the Trader Joe’s in Beaverton while I teach painting classes once a week for Vine Gogh Art Studio. I still make the occasional Halloween costume as I write and illustrate for my latest children’s book. I love working with markers, watercolors, and acrylic paints for all of my illustrations and paintings. Some of my favorite subjects are portraiture/caricature, character design, the paranormal, monsters, and loud, filthy rock n’ roll. I also enjoy making sculptures of my characters in miniature using mostly polymer clays and textiles, which involves a lot of repurposed scraps and occasionally the tiniest little pair of ripped fishnet stockings. Overall I would describe my work as colorful, humorous, expressive, sparkly, supernatural, and occasionally a little bit sweaty. Glitter, glam, and grotesque all rolled into one…or something like that. That’s about it I guess. You can check out my online portfolio right here at baileyquillincooper.com

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